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From the critically acclaimed Comic book series Trese, Bedrock Collectibles presents the Alexandra Trese 1/6 scale statue. The art direction of this statue was made by true fans of the series. From Alexandra Trese’s signature Sinag Blade, to Nuno sa Manhole surrounded by Balete vines, this statue was made with love for Trese fans around the world. The statue is also a limited edition with less than 300 made, each will be individually numbered for added collectability.

Alexandra Trese is sculpted in high quality polystone resin to capture all her features, including facial expressions, in high resolution detail. Always ready to defend the streets of Manila, Trese stands ready on Balete Drive to strike with her magical Sinag blade as she stands over her trusted ally, Nuno Sa Manhole. This immaculate attention to detail comes to life in full 1/6 scale. Standing approximately 12″inches, this is a compact statue that fits well in any display setup.

Trese Background Info
The comic book series is set in modern day Manila, Philippines where supernatural and mythological creatures of Filipino folklore live in hiding amongst humanity. For centuries, this peace between both sides has endured, however, it has since unraveled. All that stands between complete chaos is Alexandra Trese.

Also known as a Babaylan Mandirigma, loosely translated as “shaman warrior”, Alexandra Trese protects the balance between the supernatural underworld and humanity. As a paranormal detective, along with her magical powers, she is the only one capable of protecting the streets from Manila from the supernatural creatures lurking in the shadows.

Fan Service Details to Make Any Trese Fan Proud
The combination of artistic direction and fan service details only long time fans will notice, make this a must have for any Trese fan.

Nuno Sa Manhole
Pay respects to the Nuno ( tabi tabi po!), or else you may run into bad luck or worse, be afflicted with several ailments. This goblin is a sewer dwelling goblin, wearing a manhole cover as a hat ( remember don’t laugh or else!). Nuno sa manhole is an elderly supernatural informant to Trese, peering over Balete Drive.

Sinag blade
Alexandra Trese is shown wielding her magically imbued Sinag blade. This magical dagger is used in mystical rituals and capable of defeating the strongest of Aswangs

Balete Vines
Surrounding the base are several Balete branches. These vines and branch are a gateway to different supernatural realms in the world of Trese

The Kambal
Tying the statue into a cohesive display, the Trese nameplate is flanked by Alexandra’s twin Bodyguards, (in the form of the masks) Basilio and Crispen.

Paint Application
Each and every statue will be hand-painted to highlight the lifelike skin tones on Alexandra Trese’s face to the deep blacks of her Cloak of Twilight.

Preorder now to own this rare one-of-a-kind collectible statue and icon of Filipino pop culture today!

Additional Details
Product Size: Height: 11.8 | Width 7.5″ | Depth 7.5″ *
*approximate size and dimensions
Brand: Trese
Type: Statue
Scale: 1/6
Materials : Polystone
Limited edition: TBA (300 units)

Estimated shipping date: Q4 2023